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Travaasa part 2: This ain’t your mother’s spa (but should be)!

When it comes to the full Travaasa Austin experience, Jenn’s post here can’t be topped.  (Nor can the Travaasa experience, for that matter.)  We only spent about six hours there, yet we left feeling like we’d had a full weekend away from it all.

I learned two important things that Saturday:

  1. Riding a mechanical bull is way harder and three times as fun as you’d expect.
  2. You do NOT want to thumb-wrestle Loni.

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A Day at Travaasa: A Spa-tacular Way to Slooow Down

Back in October, Travaasa reached out to us about visiting their property, trying out some treatments and activities, and sharing our experiences with our readers.  We had both been out to Travaasa for an event, but neither one of us had partaken in all the Travaasa goodies.  Of course, we enthusiastically said “YES” to this generous offer.

This past Saturday was the big day, and I was signed up for their Organic Ultimate Hydration Facial.  I had been having issues with some unsightly (to me) bumps on my forehead, so I was happy to have a professional take a close look and hopefully nip those in the bud.

photo of Travaasa spa hallway with fountains

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