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How to Look Younger Overnight – 8 Easy Steps!

Unless you’re a 16 year old trying to buy Boone’s Farm (why??), no woman intentionally tries to look older than her years.  Yet sometimes we succumb to fashion trends that don’t have our best interests at heart.  Other times it’s less intentional – a “look” you were able to pull off in your 20s now looks harsh and unflattering.

Author at age 25 (left); age 40 (right)

Author at age 25 (left); age 40 (right)

Whatever the source, the following will make you look older than your years no matter what your current age.  Luckily the fix for each is pretty inexpensive or even free!  Where possible, I’m (gulp) including pictures of myself demonstrating both the unflattering look and the solution so you can judge for yourself!

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