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Fitness Swap: Surviving CrossFit

Early on in brainstorming ideas for the blog, I had the bright idea that Wendy and I do a workout swap. I would try CrossFit, Wendy would try ballet, and we would each blog about our experiences. Finally in December, the time had come for me to attend a CrossFit community workout. With an 8am Saturday class on the horizon, I no longer thought my idea was so brilliant.

I made sure to wake up by 7am to eat something (two scrambled eggs), as my body is not accustomed to early morning workouts. Actually, my body is not accustomed to being up early at all. I’m most definitely a night owl. Wendy picked me up at 7:45am to head to CrossFit Central.

I could immediately tell who the regular CrossFitters and coaches were. Those girls wore spandex tights, showing off their perfectly formed, muscular thighs. Yep, I was a little self-conscious, already assuming everyone there was more fit than me. For the most part, my hypothesis tested true.

CrossFit warm-up - snatch jumps

Snatch jumps during the warm-up

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Weightlifting Cycle: Four Weeks Later …

Several weeks ago, I wrote about a new weightlifting cycle that I started thanks to my good friend, Kristy.  I made it through all four weeks, and I am very pleased with my new weightlifting prowess.  I’m no Incredible Hulk, but I am feeling good about my new and improved muscles.

line graph of Jenn's weightlifting progress

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