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The Year of Living *Paleo-ly

I love food.  No mixed emotions there, no deep-seated conflicts or internal struggles, I just love it.  I want to move to Vermont where I can legally marry it.  Historically when invited to gatherings I could always be counted on to bring dessert, sometimes more than one.  I’ve lovingly been called a cupcake whore.

So you can understand the surprise of those who knew me when I started down the Paleo Path.  You’d have thought I told them I was going Base Jumping without a parachute.  Everyone wanted to know the impetus for this radical change, but there was no dramatic catalyst.  I’d been eating pretty much the same way my entire life and I just wanted to see what it was like to eat differently.

Wendy at 2 years. This isn't staged: it's my way and the way of my people.

Wendy at 2 years. This isn’t staged: it’s my way and the way of my people.

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