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Golden Globes 2017

NOTE: Yes, I know the Oscars are starting any minute, which makes this post about 89 awards shows late. However, I did start writing this the day after the Globes and figured it was worth posting. A little more brief than past years, but technically, my annual streak is still in tact!

So many great films this year. (If you’re asking, my personal favorite was Hell or High Water, but I think the best film of the year was Moonlight.) And there were some great looks to kick-off the awards season. My picks for the 2017 Golden Globes … Continue reading

Make-up Styling for a Wedding, Part II: Finding Make-up Looks for Inspiration

Now that I had some essential information about Jenn’s wedding, my next step was to find some make-up looks that would work for the bride. I wanted to go with a natural palette, since the wedding ceremony would be outdoors. Also, I know that one of the bride’s favorite colors is orange, and she would be wearing an orange orchid in her hair. I thought that shades of peach and brown would compliment her warm skin undertones, the orchid and the beautiful outdoor setting. Here are some looks I pulled for her:

Inspiration board of celebrities for wedding make-up looks

With the exception of Natalie Portman’s raspberry lips, the emphasis in each of the looks is the eyes. And each of the women are wearing peachy rose cheeks that I thought would work well to give Jenn that “blushing bride” look. I sent all the looks to Jenn for her feedback. Generally, she was on board for the direction I was going. The only look she wasn’t a fan of was Anne Hathaway’s dark under eyeliner and bottom lash mascara, conceding that may look so harsh due to Anne’s fair skin. If I haven’t already mentioned this, Jenn does not wear make-up on a daily basis, so it was a fair concern.

Now that I’ve got a solid direction to head towards, I need to create an “ingredient” list to cook up the perfect wedding look for my beautiful Jenn!

NEXT STEP: Putting together a shopping list of products.

Images: Anne Hathaway, Hilary Swank, Isla Fisher, Natalie Portman, Molly Sims