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GUEST POST:: Everything’s Bigger In Texas, Y’all – Part III

EDITOR’S NOTE: I am so pleased to share Beautypendence’s first ever guest post, in three parts. Debbie is a dear, longtime friend who was so generous to share her personal story with you. I hope that you enjoy!

This is the final segment of this story, but if you need to catch up, read Part I and Part II.

Fast forward a few years, I was still a 36G. Well, I hadn’t actually been measured again, and my breasts could have reached “Humongous” on the alphabet, but I was going to make them fit in my existing bras, having spent so much on them. Then, a friend had reduction surgery and had great results. Just her boobs, not the rest of her, took the Texas slogan to heart. So, at the ripe old age of 48, I decided reduction surgery was the right decision for me, too. I went for my consultation. Yes, I had back and neck pain; yes, I had bilateral grand canyons on my shoulders; and yes, with a few pictures (which would never get me a job if I were advertising my “wares” on the internet), I was approved for surgery by my insurance company. Continue reading