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GUEST POST: Mistletoe Mayhem: How To Create It Beautifully This Year

Editor’s Note: It’s another guest post from Austin-based professional matchmaker and relationship expert Julia McCurley. Here she shares her tips for creating some magic under the mistletoe. For more information on how to transform your love life, please visit her website: www.trysomethingmore.com. All opinions shared below are her own.

Mistletoe, Julia McCurleySanta Claus is coming to town. Will you be ready for what he brings you?  At this time of year emotions run very high. If you are attached, it can be the most romantic time of the year. If you are unattached, it can seem like “The Nightmare Before Christmas”.

Going solo to all those events, answering all those questions like, “Why are you single?” And, of course, there may be no one to stand with under the mistletoe.  This is where my experience in offline personalized matchmaking services comes to the rescue. I specialize in helping people find the love of their life. Continue reading