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Fresh New Hair for Fall (whenever it decides to arrive in Texas)

One of my early and favorite posts on Beautypendence was about my longtime hairstylist, Mark. I created a super cool collage of my hair over the past 10 years. Per the historical record, I’ve been wearing my hair fairly long since about 2009. This summer I cut a few inches off, but the weekend before last, I was ready for major change.

I’ve always been attracted to short hair. Short hair is so chic and stylish, two qualities I really felt my long hair was lacking. I’ve always communicated to Mark that I want my hair to be a little sexy, and a little rock and roll. Versatility is also important to me. I get bored wearing my hair just one way all the time.

While the runways continue to parade models with long hair, Hollywood has definitely jumped on the short hair train. Think Ginnifer Goodwin (so fierce), Emma Watson (tres chic), and my current hair inspiration, Michelle Williams. Her recent ad campaign with Louis Vuitton is so gorgeous I can hardly stand it. I brought these photos in to show Mark. (Hairstylists love it when you bring them photos!)

Michelle Williams Louis Vuitton ad campaign Continue reading