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Fitness Swap: Surviving CrossFit

Early on in brainstorming ideas for the blog, I had the bright idea that Wendy and I do a workout swap. I would try CrossFit, Wendy would try ballet, and we would each blog about our experiences. Finally in December, the time had come for me to attend a CrossFit community workout. With an 8am Saturday class on the horizon, I no longer thought my idea was so brilliant.

I made sure to wake up by 7am to eat something (two scrambled eggs), as my body is not accustomed to early morning workouts. Actually, my body is not accustomed to being up early at all. I’m most definitely a night owl. Wendy picked me up at 7:45am to head to CrossFit Central.

I could immediately tell who the regular CrossFitters and coaches were. Those girls wore spandex tights, showing off their perfectly formed, muscular thighs. Yep, I was a little self-conscious, already assuming everyone there was more fit than me. For the most part, my hypothesis tested true.

CrossFit warm-up - snatch jumps

Snatch jumps during the warm-up

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Running Through My Mind

I’ve always wanted to be a runner.

Unfortunately my desire to be a runner manifests in the same way as my dream of being a super awesome ukulele player: I have all the tools required but apply actual effort toward it only sporadically. I keep hoping I’ll acquire these skills by osmotically absorbing expertise through the universe, bypassing all the frustration and discouraging failure that comes before SUCCESS.  (Or, let’s be honest, sometimes only less failure.)

Today I woke up at 6am, super pumped to go to my 8am CrossFit RunTex class!  Unfortunately I couldn’t find the class – it wasn’t at RunTex, and it wasn’t under the bridge down on the running trail.

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The Year of Living *Paleo-ly

I love food.  No mixed emotions there, no deep-seated conflicts or internal struggles, I just love it.  I want to move to Vermont where I can legally marry it.  Historically when invited to gatherings I could always be counted on to bring dessert, sometimes more than one.  I’ve lovingly been called a cupcake whore.

So you can understand the surprise of those who knew me when I started down the Paleo Path.  You’d have thought I told them I was going Base Jumping without a parachute.  Everyone wanted to know the impetus for this radical change, but there was no dramatic catalyst.  I’d been eating pretty much the same way my entire life and I just wanted to see what it was like to eat differently.

Wendy at 2 years. This isn't staged: it's my way and the way of my people.

Wendy at 2 years. This isn’t staged: it’s my way and the way of my people.

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