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Make-up Styling for a Wedding, Part II: Finding Make-up Looks for Inspiration

Now that I had some essential information about Jenn’s wedding, my next step was to find some make-up looks that would work for the bride. I wanted to go with a natural palette, since the wedding ceremony would be outdoors. Also, I know that one of the bride’s favorite colors is orange, and she would be wearing an orange orchid in her hair. I thought that shades of peach and brown would compliment her warm skin undertones, the orchid and the beautiful outdoor setting. Here are some looks I pulled for her:

Inspiration board of celebrities for wedding make-up looks

With the exception of Natalie Portman’s raspberry lips, the emphasis in each of the looks is the eyes. And each of the women are wearing peachy rose cheeks that I thought would work well to give Jenn that “blushing bride” look. I sent all the looks to Jenn for her feedback. Generally, she was on board for the direction I was going. The only look she wasn’t a fan of was Anne Hathaway’s dark under eyeliner and bottom lash mascara, conceding that may look so harsh due to Anne’s fair skin. If I haven’t already mentioned this, Jenn does not wear make-up on a daily basis, so it was a fair concern.

Now that I’ve got a solid direction to head towards, I need to create an “ingredient” list to cook up the perfect wedding look for my beautiful Jenn!

NEXT STEP: Putting together a shopping list of products.

Images: Anne Hathaway, Hilary Swank, Isla Fisher, Natalie Portman, Molly Sims