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GUEST POST:: Everything’s Bigger In Texas, Y’all – Part I

EDITOR’S NOTE: I am so pleased to share Beautypendence’s first ever guest post, in three parts. Debbie is a dear, longtime friend who was so generous to share her personal story with you. I hope that you enjoy!

How many “mottos” you have heard for Texas? “Don’t mess with Texas”; “Texas: It’s like a Whole Other Country”. There are loads of them; however, the one that resonates with me the most is “Everything’s Bigger in Texas”. Yes, Texas is really big, but that is not why it is so meaningful to me.

I have never been thin. Voluptuous? Yes. Curvaceous? Yes. Shapely… you get the picture. Well, you can look at the picture below. Damn, I used to look good! Yes, it was 30 years ago in Jamaica where I followed my then boyfriend of eight months. He says he left the country to escape me, but I hired Pinkerton Detectives to track him down and dogged his every step since. I think that is a bit harsh, but we have now been together for over 30 years, so he can’t really be trying to escape too hard.

Debbie in a bikini, pre-Texas

Debbie = total hottie

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