Jenn’s Skincare Regimen: QUARANTINE Edition

Just a couple posts ago, I shared my latest skincare regimen. I felt so accomplished for putting together the perfect formula of products for maximum skin glow.

Yeah, I’m not doing all that now. And you know, my skin is still looking pretty good.

Since working from home, I’ve scaled down all routines. I barely leave the house these days, thereby limiting my exposure to pollutants to my skin, and consequently I need less stuff on my face. That could be true, right? More likely, it’s laziness.

So here’s the late breaking news on my skincare.

In the morning, I follow the same practice of simply rinsing my face with water, no cleanser. I then apply my current antioxidant serum of choice, Maelove Glow Maker. Your skin needs antioxidants, even in quarantine.

Then, I skip moisturizer. I skip sunscreen most days. My sun exposure is REAL limited these days. Whatever sun I get from my window I count as my vitamin D dosage for the day.

Step two is facial oil, my new favorite thing. I got hooked after using a few premium samples I had laying around. For now, I use e.l.f. All the Feels Facial Oil. It’s got great ingredients like squalane and rosehip seed oil, and it only costs $12! I apply a few drops into my hands and rub all over my face. In a few minutes it will absorb. I promise you won’t look oily!

In the evening, my cleansing routine is the same with my trusty Cerave Hydrating Cleaner. But I’ve added a new step of toner, which I make myself with Thayers Witch Hazel, a couple drops of vitamin E oil, and a combo of lavender and Roman chamomile essential oils. Toner is an extra step to not only clean your skin, but it balances the pH after cleansing, making your face extra receptive to whatever treatments you apply after. Just be sure your witch hazel or toner is alcohol-free, otherwise it can be drying.

With my face clean and prepped, I apply my nighttime serum of Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair. And once again, I finish with the e.l.f. facial oil. Why didn’t anyone tell me that I needed facial oil in my skincare life???

These days, my skin is looking bright and moisturized. In the next post, I’ll share my low-maintenance makeup routine.

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