Golden Globes 2016

On Monday, college football season came to a close with yet another National Championship for the Alabama Crimson Tide. Lewis Hamilton scored the trifecta with another World Championship this past Formula One season (and I was lucky enough to watch him clinch it in Austin in October). Will we see another repeat winner on the red carpet this awards season?

Sunday’s nights Golden Globes put us on the right foot for the fashion season. It was refreshing to see some newcomers on the carpet, but I missed some of our usual favorites – Charlize Theron, Zoe Saldana, Emma Stone. Regardless, there were some shining stars.

Whereas last year was all about the sheer dress, the naked dress, the “put some damn clothes on” dress, our ladies were pretty covered up at the Globes. (Well, except for their sternums and midriffs.) When it came to accessories, celebrities followed Coco Chanel’s philosophy of taking off one piece of jewelry before leaving the house. Overall, the looks were elegant and understated, hair and makeup included.

My picks for 2016…

BEST OF THE WHITES: Alicia Vikander

Winter white was definitely a trend color of the night. Lots of ethereal, lovely gowns, but this one stood out for me. Alicia Vikander was hot, hot, hot on the big screen this year with Ex Machina, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., and The Danish Girl. Sunday, she showed up on the red carpet in this sweet, cool, custom-made Louis Vuitton.

At first glance, it looks simple, but upon further inspection, you’ll notice full sequins with sheer pleats, and a sexy criss-cross back. Her olive skintone is only enhanced by the white color. The hair was simple and chic, with just a few select diamond baubles. Not any one piece of this look is outstanding, but put all together, it’s fresh, modern, and pure elegance.

Alicia Vikander in Louis Vuitton, Golden Globes 2016


As a foil to all the whites, we also saw a lot of bright colors. Amy Adams in this orange Atelier Versace was my favorite. Orange is a bold choice for a redhead, but this works. The column silhouette can be tough on a petite figure, but the sequin detail around the waistline down the hip and leg gives Amy a shapely illusion.

I love her gorgeous red locks worn down with soft curls. The smoky eye is a smart choice and balances out the look. If there’s one thing I’d add to her ensemble it would be a fun cocktail ring. But even without, Amy is definitely a winner here.

SIDE NOTE: Did you see how when Leonardo DiCaprio won, they panned to Amy? Remember her in Catch Me If You Can with him? It was her first big role, and I think we all knew right away she’d have a sensational career.

Amy Adams in Atelier Versace, Golden Globes 2016


Everyone gasped when Jaimie Alexander stepped onto the red carpet Sunday. I’ve never seen a dress like that before, so it’s always a great moment when we see something new. Green is one of my favorite colors, and this art deco print is amazing. I’m definitely a little too obsessed with the fabric.

If you’ve ever watched Blindspot, then you know that Jaimie is actually a lot more covered up here than she is on that show. She’s got the right body to wear such a deep plunge, so why not? The soft updo with the cat-eyeliner pairs well with this graphic, bold gown. My only beef is with the jewelry. I can’t say anything bad about Lorraine Schwartz emeralds, in general, but they wouldn’t have been my choice for this dress. Sparkly white diamonds, maybe in a bangle, would’ve brought a fun pop of glitter to this look.

Jaimie Alexander in Genny, Golden Globes 2016


I usually pick a couple here, but no one really stood out. I mean, I would have picked the Tatums — Jenna Dewan Tatum lit up the red carpet in a Zuhair Murad ballgown — but love of my life Channing had the worst hair ever. Why, Channing, WHY???

But that’s okay, because it allowed me to pick Sylvester Stallone and his family, wife Jennifer Flavin, and daughters Sophia, Sistene, and Scarlet. I mean how good does this family look on the red carpet? Everyone is dressed age appropriate and looked so well-coordinated. And of course, my cold-heart melted a little when Sly won and got the standing ovation. Rocky forever!

Sylvester Stallone, wife Jennifer Flavin, daughters Sophia, Sistene, Scarlet, Golden Globes 2016


First, a film endorsement. If you haven’t seen Room, then you’ve missed one of the best films of the past year. GO SEE IT.

Done? Wasn’t it excellent? Okay, back to business.

I first discovered Brie Larson at the 2013 SXSW Film Festival when she featured in festival winner Short Term 12 and also had a small but memorable role in Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Don Jon. Last Sunday, she looked every bit the winner she was destined to be in this custom-created Calvin Klein gown. Her body is slamming in this dress!

The sleek but softly waved hair with the golden make-up palette makes her look beach-babe perfect. And during a night of disappointing jewelry choices (except J. Law’s Chopard diamond collar necklace which was PHENOMENAL), I love Brie’s selection here. The diamond spear-like earrings with all the small diamond bands are just edgy and young enough without stealing the show from this remarkable, crystal-encrusted gown. Bravo Brie!

Brie Larson in Calvin Klein, Golden Globes 2016


I had to think long and hard on this one. But after rewatching the red carpet and the show, I had to go with Kirsten Dunst. Is it a lot of boobage? Yes. But that’s not why I chose Kiki. This Golden Globe look is a home run.

Let’s start with the Valentino gown. Obviously, it’s a miraculous fit, but can you see that that dress is velvet? Set against her porcelain skin, it’s a killer look. Crossing Grecian goddess with sexy Goth is not a look that many people can pull off.

With such a dark, dramatic gown, it’s easy to follow the Gothic-brick road, so I applaud her restraint with the makeup. She sports a simple chignon with a smoky eye that brings attention to her icy blue eyes. The whole look is vamp and a perfect complement to Kirsten’s German features. Lastly, I love the jewelry choices with the diamond bracelet and vintage-looking earrings by Fred Leighton. She’s come a long way from Interview with a Vampire, but this return to Goth suits her well.

Kirsten Dunst in Valentino, Golden Globes 2016 2016GG_Dunst_closeup

Who were your favorites of the night? Who were your not-so-favorites? Share your picks in the comments!

Images: Alicia Vikander, Amy Adams, Jaimie Alexander, The StallonesBrie Larson, Kirsten Dunst

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