Makeup How-to: Eyeshadow Everyday

I know many women are intimidated by eyeshadow. Don’t be scared, ladies! Eyeshadow is the best. Like paint for your walls, it’s a cheap and easy way to brighten things up. It’s easier than you think to apply everyday. Here’s my no-fail formula.

Jenn eyeshadow makeup chartExcuse my crude drawing, but above is a chart for a simple eye makeup look that you can wear everyday and in different color combinations. All you need are three shades of eyeshadow — a midtone/neutral shade, a highlight shade and a deep shade. And just two tools are used to achieve this look — a blending brush and a defining brush. Once you get it down, you’ll be wearing eyeshadow on the regular.

Urban Decay blending brush and Smashbox definer brush

I have a favorite Smashbox eyeshadow palette from a Holiday 2012 collection that includes 16 shades. It’s pretty much all I use for eye color. Following the formula on the makeup chart above, I have endless combinations. Before I start applying color, I prime my lids with my favorite Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. Then, using the blending brush, I sweep the midtone or neutral shade across the lid. Using that same brush, I apply a highlight shade to the inside corner of my eye and just below the arch to tail-end of my eyebrow. Last, I apply the deep shade with the definer brush to the outer corner of my eyelid. Buy Cialis no prior prescription fast delivery from with visa and mastercard. The final step is to make sure everything is blended smoothly together. I like to flip my vanity mirror to the magnified side to make sure I blend all three shades seamlessly.

Smashbox Photo Op Eyeshadow Palette

my much loved Smashbox Photo Op Eyeshadow Palette

Here are some looks I put together with my trusty Smashbox palette. (Apologies for the crappy pictures; I’m still learning how to use my new camera.)

Jenn wearing Smashbox eyeshadow

Highlight: Vanilla, Midtone: Flamingo, Deep: Smoke

Jenn wearing Smashbox eyeshadow

Highlight: Pastel, Midtone: Nude, Deep: Orchid

Jenn wearing Smashbox eyeshadow

Highlight: Champagne, Midtone: 24K, Deep: Nutmeg

Groomed eyebrows are key to this look. If you want to boost the drama, add eyeliner. Or just finish with a swipe of mascara, and your eyes look done up with only a few minutes work. If you’re not as restless as I am, you don’t need to change up the colors. Find your favorite three-shade palette (these Smashbox Photo Op Eye Shadow Trios have great color options) and master your look.

Images: Urban Decay blending brush, Smashbox definer brush, all others – author’s own



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