Local Love: Natura Bisse Facial at Neiman Marcus San Antonio

I am THRILLED to share with you my first spa treatment in San Antonio, and boy, was it a good one! In the middle of a super stressful week at work, I get a phone call from my friend at Neiman Marcus at La Cantera in San Antonio. She tells me that she’s got an opening for an in-store Natura Bissé facial the next day. Hard to turn down that offer.

I showed up at the store the next afternoon, went up the escalator and saw this bubble:
Natura Bisse facial at Neiman Marcus La Cantera in San Antonio

I’m going into that? For a facial? Really? In the middle of Neiman Marcus? I was greeted by a store rep who showed me to a private dressing room to change into a robe. Then I met Fernanda, an aesthetician for Natura Bissé. She unzipped the bubble where I saw a massage table and all the facial accoutrements. Per the website, “The facial and body treatments are performed within a cocoon-like environment with pure, filtered air that increases the effectiveness of the products used during the treatment.”

Sure the bubble environment was cool, but it was all about the excellent facial Fernanda gave me. I’ve outlined the products that she used below. Natura Bissé is definitely what you would consider a luxury line. There are many different collections within the product line, and Fernanda used products across collections, based on my skin needs.

collage of Natura Bisse skincare products

These first seven products are what Fernanda recommended for my daily skincare regimen.

1 – Diamond White Rich Luxury Cleanse – $135 for 7 oz – Ingredients include pure cane sugar and pomegranate extract. This was a great opener to the decadent, emollient products that would follow. 
2 – Tolerance Toner – $48 for 7 oz – This toner “soothes, relieves, moisturizes and protects sensitive, damage or sensitized skin.” That’s right up my alley.
3 – Intensive Tolerance Booster – $235 for 1 oz – This hypoallergenic and paraben-free serum is suitable for all skin types but particularly good for sensitive skin.
4 – Tensolift Neck Cream – $199 for 1.7 oz – In early Beautypendence days, I tried a neck cream and was surprised by the positive results. While I don’t use a neck cream regularly now, I do believe they work. This one would certainly be worth a try.
5 – The Cure Cream – $210 for 1.7 oz – This moisturizer is all about hydration while detoxifying the skin.
6 – Diamond Extreme Eye – $202 for 0.8 oz – I don’t use eye cream (yes, I know, do as I say, not as I do), but this is the one Fernanda recommended for day and night.
7 – Diamond White SPF 50 – $97 for 1 oz – This product has very high protection from the sun, from both UVA and UVB radiation.

Fernanda recommended these two products for once a week use:
8 – Glyco Extreme Peel – $250 for 1 oz – This AHA peel was the ace in the hole for this facial. The triple exfoliating system gave me super soft, smooth skin immediately following the facial. Like magic!
Not pictured: Oxygen Finishing Mask – A decongesting gel mask that hydrates and purifies clogged pores.

Next time the Natura Bissé bubble comes to a Neiman Marcus by you, book yourself an appointment!

Images: Natura Bissé bubble – author’s own, Natura Bisse products 


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