Local Love: Viva Day Spa on 35th Street

Viva Day Spa on 35th Street in Austin, street sign

Viva Day Spa is celebrating it’s eighth anniversary. If you read my interview last year with the owners, it’s easy to see how they’ve stayed in business in Austin for so long. Not to mention the consecutive years that Viva has won “Best Spa” in the Austin Chronicle, among other local awards.

Viva Day Spa has two locations, the original on 35th Street and another on South Lamar. Eight years young, Viva continues its dedication to fine service for the mind, body and spirit in a warm and relaxing environment. I was tickled pick that they invited me to indulge in a complimentary treatment.

Desperately in need of skilled body work, I requested a 60-minute Swedish massage. If you recall from my interview, Viva only hires experienced massage therapists who must “audition” with one of the owners. I was also excited to experience the 35th Street location, which has a distinct feel from the South Lamar location. A small building in a historic neighborhood, this location is warm with wood floors and lulling rooms.

Viva Day Spa reception area 35th Street location Austin

Upon arrival, the friendly receptionist brought me a fresh cup of tea while I filled out my paperwork. Mandy was my assigned therapist. She brought me back into the room and asked all the appropriate pre-treatment questions. What is my goal for today’s massage? Am I experiencing trouble in any particular areas? Per usual, my shoulders and upper back were feeling tight, and I sought general relaxation.

My massage was FANTASTIC in my cozy treatment room. Mandy did some serious work on the ubiquitous knots on my neck, shoulders, upper back … and forearms! Who gets knots in their forearms? Apparently, your fellow beauty blogger. She had her work cut out for her, but she did a great job of balancing deep tissue work with long, relaxing massage strokes.

I was pretty sore the next day, but in a good way. I felt less tense and more loose after my massage. I made sure to drink oodles of water post-massage to help flush out the toxins that Mandy broke up in my results-oriented body treatment. Viva Day Spa certainly lives up to its esteemed reputation.

Need some major work done on your muscles and joints? But still want the soothing spa experience? Viva Day Spa is the place for you.

Viva Day Spa 35th Street Austin location exterior


Images: courtesy of Viva Day Spa

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