Local Love: Susan Ciminelli Facial at Austin AWAY Spa

Now that I’ve moved to San Antonio (Oh, did I mention that yet? By the way, I’ve moved to San Antonio!), all I can think about are all the many beauty service providers in Austin I haven’t written about. However, I have many friends and commitments that keep me closely tied to the Capital City, so now Beautypendence will have bi-regional – Central and South Texas – coverage. HOW DO YOU LIKE ME NOW?!?

Austin AWAY Spa at the W Hotel, reception area

Okay, getting back to the order of the day. Visiting AWAY Spa at the W Austin had long been on my agenda. Fortuitously, I had a bachelorette weekend to attend, with accommodations booked at the W. Thanks to my friends at the hotel, I was able to book a Susan Ciminelli Signature Facial at AWAY while I was in town. 

Before I tell you about my awesome facial, a little about Susan Ciminelli. Known as the “master esthetician to the stars”, Susan Ciminelli counts celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Naomi Campbell among her clients. Her own signature spas are located in Los Angeles and Manhattan, but you can get “The Susan Ciminelli Glow” in Austin from a facial comprised exclusively of products from her namesake line. Susan Ciminelli skincare products are nutrient rich, many featuring marine-based ingredients like algae and seaweed, and embody a holistic approach to achieving healthy skin.

Susan Ciminelli sensitive skin package products

Sensitive skin package – many of these products were used in my facial

My esthetician at AWAY Spa was Stephanie, and she was fabulous. She was very professional and knowledgeable, but also friendly and fun. I especially liked that she listened to what I had to say about how I find a gentler approach works better for my skin regimen.

Lying on a heated table, Stephanie began with light steam and the Cleansing Milk. She followed that with the Algae Deep Cleanse, which felt wonderful. This product naturally exfoliates but feels soothing rather than abrasive. Now with clean skin, Stephanie was able to perform any needed extractions using surgical-grade cotton swabs and gloved hands.

She then treated me to a little bonus Pumpkin Plum Peel. I can’t find the product on the website, but you can see it as an add-on facial treatment at their spa. Pumpkin has an enzyme that can be used as a natural, yet gentle, exfoliant. And who doesn’t want their face to smell like Thanksgiving dessert?

After a relaxing hand and arm massage with Marine Lotion, I lost track of the order of things. But I do know Stephanie used Hydrating Formula Essential OilSeawater, and Power C Moisturizer. At the end, in typical facial fashion, my face looked splotchy due to the extractions, but my skin was also supple and hydrated. For the next few days, my complexion felt smooth and extra hydrated.

Susan Ciminelli skincare products The Collection


Despite living in Texas humidity, I work all day in a dry, air-conditioned office. Extra hydration is key to maintaining healthy looking skin. With Susan Ciminelli, nourishing the skin, rather than breaking it down, is the primary goal. If you click through the hyperlinks above, you’ll discover that these skincare products are not cheap. However, I can vouch for that “glow” with the Susan Ciminelli Signature Facial. If you want the same, book your appointment with Stephanie at AWAY Spa and start glowing!

Images: Courtesy of W Austin and Susan Ciminelli


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