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Zimmet Vein & Dermatology - logoA few weeks ago, I was invited to visit Zimmet Vein & Dermatology, the home of Steven E. Zimmet, M.D., a dermatologist who has practiced in Austin for more than 30 years. His practice focuses on non-invasive body contouring, vein treatments, and the two areas I went to learn more about, skin treatments and their med spa.

Dr. Zimmet’s office is conveniently located in central Austin, making it possible for me to have an efficient afternoon visit. Upon my arrival, I was promptly taken to an examination room by Anastacia, one of their two aestheticians. I briefly went over my skin concerns, and then she called in the doctor. He would evaluate my skin and then recommend some treatments.

Dr. Zimmet has a mild, but warm and friendly demeanor (see smiling doctor below). I told him about my main skin concerns, mild rosacea, sensitivity and dryness, and he really listened to what I had to say. I recounted my current skin regimen, including the current oral medication I take for my rosacea. He then carefully examined my face with his fancy, lighted, magnified goggles. Next, Dr. Zimmet wrote down what appeared to be very thorough notes in my medical file, and then he even more thoroughly shared his thoughts with me.

dermatologist Steven E. Zimmet, M.D.

First, he walked me through my topical options. He highly recommended that I use a topical antioxidant. The Estee Lauder Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator I use in the AM does contain antioxidants, but he recommended going full-on with Skinceuticals C E Ferulic. As a beauty junkie, I’m well aware of this product, and my fellow Beautypendents probably are too. It’s possibly the most highly decorated skincare product of the last five years. He also suggested Skinceuticals’ new Redness Neutralizer, another Allure award winner. And he reminded me to use sun protection everyday, preferably one with physical sunscreen ingredients to avoid potential irritation of my sensitive skin from chemical sunscreens (check on that one).

Next, Dr. Zimmet reviewed the procedural options for treating my rosacea. Their med spa offers some light peels that are gentle enough for my sensitive skin but provide much needed hydration. He also told me about their GentleWaves Photo Rejuvenation treatment. It uses LED light therapy to stimulate collagen production. Lastly, he reviewed what I would dub the Cadillac treatment for rosacea, pulsed light skin rejuvenation. Dr. Zimmet’s variation uses a specific combination of light wavelengths that he finds to be most effective for facial redness, rosacea, broken capillaries, and splotchy sun-damaged skin. A series of five pulsed light treatments is recommended with each treatment roughly once a month. I’m putting this on my wishlist for 10 years down the road, when I might really need it.

Collage of Skinceuticals products: C E Ferulic, Redness Neutralizer, Emollience, Physical Fusion UV Defense

Dr. Zimmet then turned me over to Anastacia to review the skincare products he discussed and for my med spa treatments. Little did I know that I’d be going home with a goodie bag full of Skinceutical products! She explained how to use each product and included product collateral. Be on the lookout for reviews of these products after I give them a whirl over the next few months.

First up for my med spa treatments was Zimmet’s signature ZPeel. Per their website, the ZPeel uses “a pharmaceutical grade blend of vitamins A, C and E, glycolic and hyaluronic acids retinol enhancing serum and gentle but highly active enzymes, cellular turnover is accelerated resulting in skin that appears tighter, lighter and brighter.” It was a fairly quick treatment.

GentleWaves LED light treatment, photomodulationNext up was the GentleWaves machine. Anastacia suited me up with goggles, and I sat in front of the flashing, non-thermal LED lights for less than a minute. She did both my face and chest. Typically, you’d receive a series of several GentleWaves treatments.

As with any other type of facial I’ve received, I walked out with my skin looking naked and shiny from all the skincare products. When I returned to my desk at work, I put my make-up back on. Later than evening, I cleansed my face as usual, but the texture of my skin felt different. I don’t typically have such noticeable results after a facial, but my skin felt smoother. I think that ZPeel really made a difference!

I was very impressed with Dr. Zimmet and his whole staff. Everyone was professional, knowledgeable and friendly. The office is comfortable and well-appointed but not flashy. If you’re looking for a new dermatologist or a med spa to freshen up your complexion, I would definitely recommend Zimmet Vein & Dermatology.

Images: Zimmet Vein & Dermatology, Dr. Steven Zimmet – courtesy of Zimmet Vein & Dermatology; Skinceuticals products, GentleWaves

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