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Soon after that little Austin Monthly article came out, I was contacted by Mecca Gym & Spa. They kindly invited me to visit their spa to try out some treatments to review on Beautypendence. Truth be told, I had never been to Mecca, despite hearing nothing but good things about their spa. Spoiler alert: I was not disappointed.

Mecca Gym & Spa opened at the corner of 6th & Lamar more than 10 years ago, well before that intersection blew up. I was told that I’d partake of the Mecca Monthly, their signature treatment package comprising a full-body scrub, Vichy shower, time in the steam room, and 50-minute massage, all themed on a particular scent. Lucky for me, August is inspired by Pure Plant Spa Lavender + Tangerine products, two scents I really like separately and, that day, learned that I love together.

Upon arrival, I met Mel, the spa manager, who showed me to the clean and modern designed women’s locker room. Upon changing, I was directed to the front spa, where I was greeted by Stacy, my massage therapist for the day. She had ready for me a cucumber water in a to-go cup with a lid and straw and a client intake form.

Mecca spa, view of lobby

Stacy led me into the shower room and showed me the brown sugar scrub and lavender and tangerine oil she’d be using. If you’ve never had a body scrub before, you’re really missing out. It’s a very relaxing, enjoyable treatment, and at quality spas like Mecca, it’s followed by a Vichy shower rinse. I’m fairly convinced that the Vichy shower is one of the greatest inventions of all time. For the treatment, Stacy first used the brown sugar scrub and then followed with the oil over the same area. She was always sure that the water temperature was to my liking and was thorough in rinsing off the scrub and oil. At the end, I was left under the running water for a few extra minutes to enjoy the multiple shower heads.

Following the scrub and shower, Stacy escorted me to the eucalyptus steam room. I’m no steam room expert, but historically, I’ve felt like it was something I could do without. However, at the time of my Mecca visit, I was congested from an annoying cold, and wow, did that eucalyptus steam feel awesome! I sat in the room the entire recommended time of 15 minutes and enjoyed breathing in that cooling eucalyptus steam.

Mecca Spa - front spa waiting room

Following the steam room, Stacy picked me up to take me to the back spa for my concluding massage. She asked me the requisite pre-massage questions. Any problem areas? Any areas needing special attention? What kind of massage do I like? She described her technique as influenced by lomilomi, a Hawaiian style of massage that uses long, broad strokes with both hands and sometimes forearms. Whatever technique she used, I really enjoyed it. And to continue the Mecca Monthly theme, Stacy used a lavender and tangerine shea butter. Delightful and soothing.

Once I peeled myself off the massage table, Stacy greeted me in the lounge area with a tangerine vodka spritzer to sip as I leisurely thumbed through a magazine, curled up on their cushy sofa and chairs. The Mecca Monthly treatment costs $125 for gym members and $140 for non-members. I found this package of services to be very high-quality, effective and well-valued. I highly recommend! I look forward to returning to Mecca and trying out another delightful monthly scent theme.

Mecca spa - back lounge area

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