Meeting Organic Skincare Line and Namesake, Tata Harper

Tata Harper entire product line

On a routine shopping trip, I received a quick introduction to Tata Harper, a relatively new skincare line carried exclusively at Neiman Marcus. What makes these products special is that they are 100% natural. Just a few days later, I had the pleasure of attending a luncheon with Tata Harper herself. I learned about this very special lady, her revolutionary thoughts on skincare, and the products she formulates and manufactures herself.

Tata Harper grew up in Barranquilla in northern Colombia, same hometown of Sofia Vergara and Shakira. Learning from her grandmother who created her own beauty products, Tata started taking care of her skin at an early age. Tata now lives in a small farming community in Vermont with her husband and three young children.

Following her stepfather’s diagnosis of skin cancer in 2002, Tata began to think differently about the food she and her family eats and the products she uses. After five years of development, working with botanists, chemists and all kinds of scientists, she launched Tata Harper Skincare in summer 2010. 100% of the ingredients are natural and non-toxic. Many ingredients come straight from Vermont with the rest being sourced from specially selected organic farms around the world.

When meeting Tata, it’s hard to not be struck by her natural beauty. Stylishly dressed in a jumpsuit with a few smart accessories, both her mostly-makeup-free complexion and personality shine. At the lunch, she walked us through her whole product line. What I noticed right away is the unparalleled quantity of active ingredients in every product. Below are my notes from the luncheon, but you can follow the hyperlinks for more information and complete ingredient lists.

The Regenerating Cleanser (4.2oz $75) uses apricot seed powder for exfoliation. The Refreshing Cleanser (4.2oz $75) is the version recommended for sensitive skin as it has no exfoliant.

Hydrating Floral Essence (1.7oz $65 / 4.1oz $85) serves as a toner with a natural hyaluronic acid from the Czech Republic that works with your body’s own hydration. Very refreshing when spritzed on your face and contains 19 active ingredients.

Rejuvenating Serum (1.7oz $150) has 29 active ingredients (wow!), working as a collagen treatment. It contains Spanish lavender for its relaxing properties. I actually had a sample of this serum prior to the lunch and tried it for a few days. Because all of Tata Harper products are completely natural, there are no added fragrances, but there is a strong scent from all the essential oils. Consequently, the natural aroma of these products takes some getting used to, but I did like the feel of using this serum.

The Rebuilding Moisturizer (1.7oz $100) targets oily, combination skin and has a matte finish. The

Jenn with natural, organic skincare guru Tata Harper

Jenn with Tata Harper

Reparative Moisturizer (1.7oz $100) is for dry skin, using honey from her Vermont farm. Also included are arnica to ease inflammation and the antioxidant linden extract.

Restorative Eye Creme (0.5oz $90) uses the same active ingredients as the serum and is therefore a complete eye treatment, but non-migrating so it can be used on the upper lid.

Replenishing Nutrient Complex (0.34oz $45) is meant to be the last layer of protection, operating as a topical multivitamin. Carrot and primrose oils are just a few of the ingredients, and Tata claims this complex to be good for those suffering from rosacea and psoriasis. It helps control sebum production, which you wouldn’t suspect from this oily concentrate.

The Resurfacing Mask (1oz $55) won an Allure Best of Beauty award last year. Tata recommends you apply the mask for 20-30 minutes and then rinse off. It’s good for skin types prone to acne and blemishes and helps minimize large pores.

Tata continues to work on expanding her skincare line. In October, there will be a spa collection that expands on the serum formula but is adapted to specific issues, including tone correction and sculpting and firming. Also, she hopes to expand into SPF products at a later time.

You’ll see that these products aren’t cheap; however, you get A LOT of high quality ingredients for your money. I’d say these products are in the low end of the mid-range of the skincare sold at Neiman. If there was a theme to her talk at lunch, it wasn’t to buy her products. Rather, she encourages everyone to be mindful of what you put in and on your body. Sage advice, indeed.

Images: Tata Harper skincare line – courtesy of Tata Harper; Jenn with Tata Harper – courtesy of PhotogHer

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