Beauty on a Shoestring: Boots Expert Sensitive Gentle Smoothing Scrub

Boots Expert Sensitive Gentle Smoothing Scrub

If you read Wendy’s post, you know that it can be tricky having rosacea. You want to do your best to not irritate your skin, but yet it’s really important to exfoliate. Oftentimes, exfoliating products are by their very nature harsh on your skin. So what’s a girl with rosacea (ahem, like me) supposed to do?

I knew that it was time to stop putting off finding an appropriate exfoliant for my skin. In a perfect world, I’d find something with BHA that would exfoliate my skin without irritating it, since salicylic acid is anti-inflammatory (think aspirin). Well you know what? Quality BHA products are pretty pricey, and I wasn’t really up for spending a lot of money on this effort. So I combed the Target aisles and after cross-checking with Beautypedia, I landed on Boots Expert Sensitive Gentle Smoothing Scrub. Since my rosacea isn’t so severe, and it only cost $5.79, I decided it was a low-risk purchase.

The Good: Before everyone gets all up in my grill about using a scrub on my sensitive skin, let me start by saying that I only use this product twice a week. After cleansing my face, I massage one pump-full of the Boots Smoothing Scrub onto my moistened skin for about one minute and then rinse off. I then klonopintabs follow-up with my usual serum and moisturizer.

What’s great about this product (aside from the cheap price) is that it has a no-frills ingredient list. The scrubbing agents are tiny “smoothing” beads with no rough edges. The other notable ingredient is aloe, which is an anti-irritant, a smart addition to a scrub. As you can see from the photo, it’s clear and gel-like, and I can assure you that it rinses completely off your skin without a fight, since it’s fragrance-, lanolin-, and soap-free.

one pumped squirt of Boots Expert Sensitive Smoothing Gentle Scrub on a mirror

one pumped squirt of the scrub on a mirror – you can see the reflection through the product

The Questionable: You should first consider how tolerant your skin is before using this or any scrub. It’s gentle as far as scrubs go, but it’s a scrub nonetheless.

The Verdict: I have seen an improved difference in my skin since I’ve started using this Boots scrub. The mornings after I’ve used it, my skin looks especially smooth and fresh. The gentle turnover of skin cells is key for achieving a luminous complexion. And with my exfoliated skin, my make-up applies more evenly. The success I’ve witnessed with this gentle smoothing scrub makes me want to try out other Boots products. Stay tuned!

Rating (out of 5):  5 out of 5 from Beautypendence

Images: Product photos – author’s own

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