Local Love: San Saba Spa at Lakeway Resort

Lucky me was invited to visit Lakeway Resort and Spa to take a looky-loo at San Saba Spa and try out a treatment. And following, they said I could stay around for dinner at Josey’s for their Farm to Table Wednesday menu. Well, I suppose I can make time for all that!

San Saba Spa sign

On a rainy Wednesday afternoon, I made the drive out west, a little over 20 miles from downtown. I was greeted by Erin, the Marketing Manager, who gave me a brief tour of the resort. There are more than 160 rooms, including suites and villas, nestled on this piece of Lake Travis. Erin walked me over to the quaint and cozy San Saba Spa, and I met the manager, Hailey. The spa is efficiently laid out, with the women’s and men’s locker rooms in the middle, disguised by cutout doors blending into long dark wood corridors, with treatment rooms along the perimeter.

dark wood hallway at San Saba Spa

Corridor in San Saba Spa – that vertical metal bar on the right is the door handle leading into the women’s locker room. Sneaky!

Hailey showed me to my locker, already filled with my spa robe and slippers. If you’ve been following Beautypendence, you know that I’ve had my fair share of experiences at spas. I will now go on the record to report that the San Saba Spa robe is the coziest spa robe I’ve ever worn. You know those super soft baby blankets that you give as baby shower gifts? The inside of the robe was made of that super soft baby blanket material! Talk about luxurious.

After changing, I walked over to the women’s lounge, which overlooks the lake on one side and the pool on the other side. There was a small envelope on one of the tables with my name on the front and a handwritten note inside welcoming me to the spa. I poured myself a glass of cucumber-infused water and settled into a plush chaise to fill out my paperwork. Then John, my massage therapist, came in and walked me to the treatment room for my 80-minute Colorado River Rock Massage. (For the unfamiliar, Lake Travis is actually one dammed off segment of the Colorado River.)

The treatment room was spacious with a hefty massage table in the middle. Once I climbed up on the table, face up, I again experienced the most luxurious feeling fabrics I’ve encountered at a spa. When John came back into the room, I then discovered that the table had hydraulics, as well as being heated. That’s fancy, y’all.

If you’ve never had a hot stone massage before, don’t expect this to be one of those massages where you’ll get deep tissue work done. John was able to give a little extra attention to a few of the knots in my neck and shoulders, but it’s not comparable to the body work of a hand-given massage. Now, if you’re looking for a super relaxing massage where you’re likely to be gently soothed to sleep, then this is the massage for you! I was good and drowsy at the end and walked back to the women’s lounge after to chill for several minutes while sipping my water.

women's lounge with view of pool

Women’s lounge with plush chaise longue chairs, showing the view of the resort pool

Farm to Table Wednesday Menu, March 28, 2012, Josey's at Lakeway Resort and SpaOnce I dressed and sadly deposited my spa robe in the laundry bin (if my purse was big enough, I might have taken it with me), Hailey walked me over  to Josey’s, where they had reserved me a lovely table with a lakeview. No need to look at the menu, since I knew I wanted to do the Farm to Table Wednesday menu. Generic Levitra difference form http://www.trendingdownward.com/generic-levitra-cheap/ Vardenafil pills 20 mg online. This menu changes weekly based on what the chef finds from local farmers and ranchers. It’s a great price at only $25 for a three-course meal. The highlights for me were the crispy finish on the red fish and what were some of the best biscuits I’ve ever tasted. The attentive and friendly service was also a highlight.

If you live out in the western reaches of our fair city, then a treatment at San Saba Spa followed by a locally-sourced, reasonably-priced meal is a pleasant way to spend a Wednesday evening. Many thanks to Lakeway Resort & Spa for treating me with attentive and friendly service that a girl like me could get used to.

Images: All images courtesy of San Saba Spa

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