I’m Not Texting in the Theater, That’s Just My Body Glowing

With all the SXSW hoopla, I was running out of time to squeeze in a monthly treatment at Hiatus Spa + Retreat as part of my Founding Circle membership. Technically, they allow you to rollover a service credit for up to six months, but why would you want to skip a whole month of spa self-indulgence? I already have a massage on the books at another spa this week (post forthcoming), so I thought this would be a good opportunity to try out a new-to-me Essential Service. I had heard from several sources, one Hiatus owner included, that the Body Glow was a favorite. I’m pleased to report that it did not disappoint.

The Hiatus Body Glow is a 40-minute treatment set in the hydrotherapy room comprising a full body polish followed by a rainfall Vichy shower. Based on a demonstration I had seen at the grand opening, it looked delightful. (Although, I was concerned for the well-being of the man on the table that night. I thought he might actually turn into a raisin for being under a shower for so long.) A Vichy shower allows for a full body shower while laying down, thanks to multiple, adjustable shower heads mounted on a body-length horizontal bar.

Signature foot soak at Hiatus Spa + RetreatJessie was my massage therapist for the day, and she began with the spa’s signature foot scrub, during which she asked important questions relative to my impending treatment. Had I shaved or waxed recently? Do I have any particular areas of skin that are especially dry and need extra attention? Then she instructed me to disrobe and lay on the table face up, head resting in the face cradle, covered by a towel, collarbone to ankles. If you haven’t had a body scrub before, rest assured that a good therapist will treat as much of your body as possible while keeping you discreetly covered in all the appropriate places.

Once I was comfortably laying on the table, Jessie returned and began with some Aveda aromatherapy. She massaged a warmed body cleanser onto my front side, then she flipped me over to cleanse my back side. Then came the body scrub, which was also heated and had a lovely island-inspired aroma. And once she polished my back side, then came the Vichy shower. From the photos, it looks pretty awesome, right? Well, I’m here to tell you that it feels even better than you expect. I’ve had a full body scrub before, but that Vichy shower takes this treatment to over-the-top spectacular. Heavenly.

Vichy shower experience at Hiatus Spa + Retreat

After getting my back side rinsed off, Jessie applied a custom-mixed moisturizing cream. Time to flip over again and do the front side. This is a spa treatment you don’t want to end! Forty minutes later, I felt super relaxed, and my skin was refreshed. Once she left the room, I opened my eyes and could see the steam rising from the table. And consequently, I felt pretty dehydrated. Don’t forget to drink lots of water after this treatment.

Collage of Aveda products used during Hiatus Spa body glow treatment

I HIGHLY recommend you try the Hiatus Body Glow. With the weather warming up, it’s a great time to slough off that rough winter skin and polish up for all your sundresses, tank tops, shorts, and bikinis. Plus, what’s more luxurious than bathing under a man-made rainfall?

Images: Foot soak and Vichy shower – photo by Ryann Ford, courtesy of Hiatus Spa + Retreat, Collage of Aveda products used during body glow – author’s own

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