Make-up Styling for a Wedding, Part IV: Game Time!

I arrived in Seattle the Friday morning before the wedding on Saturday.  That evening, they hosted a fun barbecue at a park with the most spectacular view of the city.  Afterwards, we drove to Poulsbo out on the Olympic peninsula so that we could get an early start Saturday morning.  I had insisted that we do a make-up run-through sometime on Friday, so about 11 PM in our hotel room, we finally had our chance.

Texas Jenn and Oregon Jenn at the Rehearsal BBQ

Texas Jenn and Oregon Jenn at the Rehearsal BBQ

Jenn hired a stylist from a Poulsbo hair salon to do her, the bridesmaids and my hair.  Originally, I had just planned to do Jenn’s make-up.  However, Jenn’s bridesmaids, Brooke and Sharon, are like Jenn in that they don’t wear make-up on the regular, probably even less so.  Since all three of them are close enough in complexion color, I’d be able to use Jenn’s tinted moisturizer on all and then pull from the other make-up supplies I brought.  I did make-up as each girl’s hair was completed.  First up was Brooke, then Sharon, then me, and last was Jenn.  I didn’t anticipate how exhausting it would be to do all that, but the ladies looked GORGEOUS!

Brooke (with 4-week old baby Jane!), Jenn & Sharon at the barbecue

Brooke (with 4-week old baby Jane!), Jenn & Sharon at the barbecue

Brooke, Sharon & Jenn, all glammed up, right before the wedding ceremony

Once make-up was done, we left the hotel to head to the wedding site at Kitsap Memorial State Park.  The park is right next to the Hood Canal with a view of the Olympic onhealthy Mountains.  Yea, I definitely was not in Texas anymore.

Once we arrived, it was time to get dressed, and I helped Jenn get corseted into her dress, placed the orchids in her hair and applied lipstick.  As I alluded to in the last post, I didn’t use the NARS lipstick she bought, because it was just too light and sheer.  We went with a shimmery, cinnamon colored lipstick I had.

Collage of getting Jenn ready for her wedding

The ceremony, administered by Jenn’s dear friend Benson, was funny and sweet, and I managed to not screw up my reading. All of the food was locally harvested and super delicious.  Instead of a wedding cake, they served fruit tarts made with the freshest, seasonal berries.  I’m still dreaming of that blackberry tart.  And then there was LOTS of dancing.  It was a perfect wedding for this magnificent couple, and I was honored to have played a role.

I didn’t quite realize until Jenn said it out loud that we have known each other for eight years now.  We’ve both grown up a lot since first meeting in Eugene, Oregon in 2003.  I just couldn’t be happier for my Oregon counterpart and her handsome groom, Damon.  All the best to the newlyweds!

The newlyweds, Damon and Jenn

Oregon Jenn, looking beautiful, freshly married

Images:  Texas Jenn and Oregon Jenn – author’s own, Jenn with her bridesmaids – photos from bridesmaid Sharon, Bride getting ready collage includes photos from Jessica C. Levine and Wanda Benvenutti, Damon and Jenn – photo by Jessica C. Levine

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