The Beauty-terrogation: Round Three

Annie Leibowitz photo "Interrogation" with Alec Baldwin, Jennifer Connelly and Aaron Eckhart

This will be a recurring post where our Beautypendents answer five questions. Suggest your own interrogation questions in the comments!

#1 – If you could have any cosmetic procedure, real or imagined, and no one would ever know, what would it be?
WENDY: Easy, scalp transplant.  I’ve always wanted long, thick, curly red hair.  I once stood in line behind the woman who would have to die to make my dream come true.  She seemed nice but if that surgery really existed….  [Is that creepy?  It’s a little creepy.]
JENN: Unlike Wendy, my cosmetic procedure does not require someone else to perish.  I would get liposuction on my inner thighs.  I’m mostly grateful that my thigh fat accumulates on the inside of my legs, since it’s easier to disguise in clothes, but chafing sucks!  There is a price you pay for walking all day in a skirt or dress in hot weather.  Ouch.

#2 – Name your three most embarrassing beauty blunders.
WENDY: 1) Fingerless gloves at a prom in the 80’s.  2) Dark lipliner with pale lipgloss in the 90’s.  3) Any red-brown or corpse-like lipstick colors I wore in the 90’s.  Not pretty!

Wendy at Prom 1987

JENN: 1) Like many Texas girls in the late ’80s and early ’90s, I wore the poof.  With bangs. With permed hair.  SO BAD.   2) About 8-10 years ago,  I thought I looked good wearing icy blue eye shadow. I was wrong. (And also perpetrating on Wendy’s #2, ack!)   3) And now this photo has given me a third violation – edible body glitter.

Jenn with bad icy blue eyeshadow and edible body glitter

#3 – What’s your biggest beauty regret, or something you wish you could do over?
WENDY: I spent $1200 on Thermage a few years ago. I was in my late 30’s and freaking out a little about 40.  Huge waste of my money.
JENN: In the 4th grade I fell off the monkey bars and chipped a front tooth.  I am still dealing with that issue.  It’s a very, very, VERY long story, but I’ve had a mess of complications from multiple dental surgeries, and I still need considerable work to get my smile fixed.  It’s been painful, annoying and expensive.

#4 – What recent beauty trends are you loving?
WENDY: Thicker, fuller eyebrows.  Skinny eyebrows can look so severe and they can also make you look older than your years.  I’m working on an eyebrow post, stay tuned!
JENN: As I mentioned in our last Beauty-terrogation, I’ve been more into lipstick lately, particularly brightly-colored lipstick. I think fuchsia or coral red lips with simply made-up eyes will be my new go-to make-up look.  Also, I like that hair continues to trend soft and natural.  While I enjoy blowing out my hair straight from time to time, I much prefer wearing my natural waves.

model with bold red lip and simple eye make-up

#5 – Favorite beauty splurge?
WENDY: Laser hair removal.  I wait until there are Groupons or Living Social deals and pounce!  My only regret is not doing it years ago.  I also LOVE silk eyelash extensions from Betty Lash, but those are a little outside of the budget right now.  I got IPL treatments for my rosacea and general sun damage a few years ago and THAT was money well-spent.
JENN: I don’t think I have ever spent more than $100 on any beauty treatment (once got micro-dermabrasion) other than hair services (maybe $200 for highlights and color).  My splurges are more in the fashion department, and I splurge in quantity, not in singular items.  When it comes to fashion, I live by the boy scout mantra of “always be prepared” so that I may have the right outfit for any occasion.  Let’s just say my clothes closet puts Wendy’s to shame.

Images: The Interrogation by Annie LeibovitzProm – author’s own, Icy blue eyeshadow – author’s own, Bold red lip

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