Judicial Review: Dior Vernis Purple Revolution

Dior Vernis Purple RevolutionSweet, sweet vindication!  Sort of.

You might recall my Judicial Review of Chanel Peridot, where I ranted (maybe just a little) about how ugly the polish made my feet look.  When I saw Dior Vernis Purple Revolution it was lust at first sight, and my heart swelled with the promise of a match made in heaven: my toes and this darkly exotic purple polish.

SEE???  Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it, Chanel Peridot!  It’s not me, it’s you.  [This is almost as satisfying as seeing your ex with a new girlfriend markedly less attractive than you.  Or she’s more attractive than you but she has something hanging out of her nose.  Anyway.  Moving on.]

Unfortunately we didn’t walk off into the sunset together:

Wendy wearing Dior Vernis Purple Revolution on toes

The good: rich, dark purple color.  It’s similar to OPI‘s Lincoln Park After Dark but with more blue/less brown.

Dior Vernis brushThe questionable: so much I hardly know where to start.

1) The brush is as good a place as any: it’s bizarrely tapered.  Most brushes are blunt and cut straight across, so when you press down it fans out to get into corners.  This one is rounded and the individual hair lengths uneven.  That might have been a smart design back when nail polish was first invented but that ship has long-since sailed: it’s the equivalent of moving the gas pedal of your car onto the steering wheel.  [For the record, I’m not sure it IS the equivalent or that it would ever have been a smart design, but you see where I’m going with this.]

My pedicurist (the skilled Phoenix Duong of Modern Nails) had trouble working with it, and she does nails every day, all day.

2) The polish consistency was pretty thick for a brand new bottle, so as a result the application looked a little clumpy.  Maybe I just got one from a bad batch?

3) Last but not least, there’s the price: $22.

The verdict: as much as I hate to say it, the polish was very disappointing.  I think you could find similar colors for much less without the other hassles.  The only reason I’m giving it a rating at all is because it redeemed my toes.

Beautypendence rating (out of 5): Beautypendence Rating: 1 out of 5

Images: Dior Vernis Purple Revolution; all others author’s own

2 thoughts on “Judicial Review: Dior Vernis Purple Revolution

  1. Alice

    Actually, I do not agree with you. I am 22 years old and Purple Revolution is my trademark, I wer this polish almost every single day. My consistency is perfect, not thick at all, but you only need 2 coats to get a perfect result. Now about the brush, you thought is is kind of weird, but once you have used Dior nailpolishes, you get used to this brush, and now, I can’t even work with other nailpolishes! Believe me, Dior is worth a second try ! 🙂
    You should try Tuxedo, a shimmery dark blue, and Gris Montaigne, the perfect shade of grey, just dark enough 🙂 these two are perfect for manicure, but on your toes, the colours look a bit weird 😉
    Lots of Love,


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