Judicial Review REBUTTAL: Chanel Peridot

It’s a good thing that Wendy and I have a long-standing friendship. Because it was nearly torn apart by a nail polish.

As you read from Wendy’s earlier post, she had high hopes for Chanel’s Peridot nail polish but was heartbroken by the resulting color. She passed the bottle on to me to see if I would have better luck. I believe she secretly hoped it would be a failure for me, as well. Turns out, I LOVE IT.

Jenn wearing Chanel Peridot nail polish

The Good: I have never used Chanel polish before, and I was instantly impressed with the liquidy yet opaque coverage. Two coats produced a very nice even color, which isn’t always the case with a shimmery nail polish. Also, Wendy had complained the polish lacked a blue-ish tint that she saw in the bottle. Depending on the light, I could see blue, gold, along with the obvious green colors.

The Questionable: After about 4 to 5 days of wear on my fingernails, I started to see small chips. This is about average for any nail polish I wear, but I was hoping for something extraordinary for the price. However, thanks to the reflective quality of the color, chips camouflage well.

The Verdict: I may never forgive Wendy for exposing me to the world of Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour. I adore the application of this polish, but at $25, it’s a bit rich for my blood.

I have never seen a color like this, and for that, I’m willing to suffer Wendy’s looks of disgust while I proudly and successfully wear it. However, so that you don’t share in Wendy’s disappointment, I think Peridot is a color best worn by people with warm skin undertones.  For those of you with cool undertones (ahem, co-blogger), I think the new Chanel denim-inspired colors would be a better fit.

Rating (out of 5):  Rating - 4 out of 5 from Beautypendence

Images: author’s own

6 thoughts on “Judicial Review REBUTTAL: Chanel Peridot

  1. Wendy

    Dang it, I hit the Like button on accident! Where’s the ‘Loathe’ button on this thing??

    Kidding, I’m SOOO glad somebody got some use out of this. Mostly.

  2. Brittany

    I thought you were wearing this polish this weekend! I didn’t say anything though, because I didn’t want to accuse you of wearing “ugly” polish. It did look good on you though!

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