The (Beauty) Story of Jenn

Jenn's mom from the late 1970'sI cannot be held accountable for my love of makeup and beauty products. It’s all the fault of that beautiful woman in the photo. That’s my mom, Estelita. She was meticulous with makeup and devout in her beauty regimen. It rubbed off. And hey, if there’s a chance that I’ll get carded in my 40s like she did, you better believe I will continue to try and emulate her. By her strong example, I learned how to do my own manicure, to wash my face every night with a mild cleanser, and to wear appropriate undergarments (no VPL here!), among many other nuggets of mom wisdom.

As I grow older (I’m 35 now), I am more and more conscious of what I put on and in my body. I research makeup and beauty products and do my best to match up the right products for my skin type. But I’m still guilty of kid-in-a-candy-store syndrome at Sephora. All the colors! All the sparkle! It can be all too hard to resist at times. I’m only mortal after all … and I have the gray hairs to prove it.

Jenn in the 8th grade, wearing fuchsia tightsIn addition to following my mom’s beauty footsteps, I have always had a love of fashion. I remember being the most stylish kindergartener at the rollerskating rink in a matching top and frilly skirt in white with multi-colored polka dots. And in middle school, I combed the mall to find the perfect fuchsia tights to go with my fuchsia blouse (don’t front, you know that outfit is solid… the hair, well, that’s a different post). I am all about putting together a complete look for the occasion, and that means hair, makeup, nails, clothes, shoes and accessories. I recently said that if I had a superpower, it would be my superwoman ability of creating a look under duress of time.

I have always loved sharing my beauty and fashion discoveries with anyone who will listen. I mean, how many of you have heard me talk about the most significant man in my life, my hair stylist (who, by the way, also became Wendy’s hair stylist)? And now this blog gives me a wonderful forum to share the fun with a dear friend. To you the reader, I vow to be always subjective, sometimes catty, and never close-minded. Hope you like it!

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