Prized Products: Davines Momo Conditioner

Davines MOMO Conditioner

In this series of “Prized Products”, we’ll share those make-up, skincare, and hair products that we just can’t live without.

For the last two or three years, I’ve been growing my hair out, and as that’s been going on, I’ve been a little paranoid of keeping my hair healthy.  You can ask my stylist Mark, every time I go and see him, I seek affirmation that my hair isn’t fried.  I’m positive that using Davines Momo Conditioner has been key to keeping my hair healthy and shiny.

Per the company’s website, “To revitalize dry, dehydrated hair we found essential extracts that work in synergy, maximizing their hydrating, protecting and shine-enhancing action.”  The main ingredients highlighted are milk thistle oil, panthenol and jojoba oil.  As you can see, it comes in a tub, which is so genius.  You can really get your fingers in there to dig out the product, so there’s very little waste.  I can’t remember exactly how much this costs at my salon, (Barney’s website says $26 for a 250ml tub) but one tub lasts me a very long time.

As the label says, it’s a “moisturizing revitalizing creme”, and Momo Conditioner has a thick, goopy consistency.  You apply it to your hair after shampooing (I use an amount about the size of a fat cherry) and let it sit for 2-3 minutes and then rinse.  And since Momo is so thick and moisturizing, my stylist recommends that you apply only to the part of your hair that would be in your ponytail.  However, if my scalp is a little dry (happens often), I’ll apply the conditioner there, too.

collage of Jenn's shiny hair

As you can see from my photo collage, my hair stays nice and shiny, and I’ve never seen a split end, despite periodic updo styling, back-combing, blowing out straight, diffusing curly, and hair coloring to cover grays.  This is a fantastic conditioner for people with hair similar to mine: thick and textured. If you have fine hair or are prone to oily hair, then Momo Conditioner is probably not for you since it may weigh your hair down.  However, Davines has MANY other formulas in their Essential Hair Care line (nourishing, volumizing, etc.) that you should definitely check out.

Images: Davines MOMO Conditioner, collage – author’s own

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