What I’m Wearing Now (on my skin)

On our first Beauty-terrogation, Ashley posted a comment to ask what skin care products we use.  I don’t know about Jenn, but my lineup is pretty static: I have mild rosacea so I don’t switch products cavalierly.  I always read the ingredients list to see if it includes any known irritants, and if it has a strong fragrance I tend to avoid it.  I also like to keep it pretty simple; I don’t want to have to pack 20 bottles of products for a weekend trip.

I’ve used all the products below with good success and no adverse effects, so without further ado here’s the roster!

Wendy's Daytime Skin Care Regime

Wendy’s Daytime Skin Care Regime

#1 – Oil of Olay Foaming Face Wash for Sensitive Skin.  Gentle and fragrance-free, it removes all traces of makeup without leaving my skin feeling stripped.

#2 – Ann Webb Skin Organics Super C-15 with Idebenone.  I said what I had to say in this review.  Love this stuff, I apply it before I put on my moisturizer.

#3 – Estee Lauder Day Wear SPF 15.  Moisturizer with sunscreen.  The jar packaging is less than ideal but I’ve tried other products and keep coming back to this one.  I swear it calms my skin when it’s irritated, despite having a mild fragrance.

#4 – Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega Fish Oil supplements.  Healthy skin starts on the inside!  These are high in Omega-3, which is something we don’t get much of in our daily diets.  I take two every morning and every night.

#5 – Vitaline Biotin Forte with Zinc.  This supplement contains B-complex vitamins as well as Zinc and Vitamin C.  I take one daily.

Wendy's Nighttime Skincare Regime

#1 – Oil of Olay Foaming Face Wash for Sensitive Skin.  Same comments as above apply.

#2 – Ann Webb Skin Organics Goji Azelaic Clarifying Serum.  As we age, skin cell turnover diminishes.  I noticed that I had a small white bump on my forehead that never blossomed into a pimple but wouldn’t go away.  It was gone after using this exfoliating product for 2 weeks.  My only complaint is that it’s a little gummy.

#3 – Latisse.  That’s right, the prescription lash enhancer.  It works by delaying the shedding of your lashes, which means they grow longer before they naturally fall out.  I’ve been using it for almost a year now and it really does work.  (It hasn’t yet darkened my irises either.)  A single bottle isn’t cheap (about $100) but it lasts around 3 months.  I use my clean finger to apply it instead of the brushes, which I thought caused more product waste.

#4 – Renova.  This is a prescription Retinoid product.  I had difficulty tolerating other quality retinol products, too much redness and skin irritation.  This one does cause me some peeling so I can only use it twice a week, which is better than nothing but not as effective as nightly use.  It’s also very expensive ($150), so I tend to try to ration it, which sort of defeats the purpose.

#5 – NuMedica Vitamin D-3.  A supplement for general bone and immune health.

Some of these might be on the out: as effective as the Goji Azelaic product has been, I’m looking for a new exfoliating product that isn’t quite so tacky or sticky.[It’s one of those products you can only use when you’re single, so consider this me being optimistic!]  I’d also like to find a retinol product that’s effective and economical so I’ll use it on a daily basis and see better results.

My product restlessness means new reviews are in the works, so stay tuned!

Images: see links to each for photo sources.

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  2. Jasper

    Have you tried numedica supplements? Do they work well? I am loving the things you put on your webpage. A few of them are a little too pricey for me. I’m trying to find less expensive items. Thanks for the help!

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